Secure Freedom Minute: We’re Losing Latin America – Paging President Monroe


President James Monroe declared that external powers’ colonization of the Western Hemisphere would be regarded as a hostile act against this country. Yet today, the Chinese Communist Party, Russia and Iran are working with impunity to transform all of Latin America into a no-go zone for the United States and for freedom.

Unfortunately, Joe Biden is uninterested in the Monroe Doctrine and, with the Communist takeovers of Peru and Chile last year, the stage is set for the region’s last two important free nations – Colombia and Brazil – to undergo the radical left’s “fundamental transformation.” As former Peruvian Vice President Francisco Tudela warns in a powerful new White Paper, that will mean trouble for us, too, with intensified drug-trafficking, destabilization of the hemisphere and intensified migration here of millions more illegal aliens.

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This is Frank Gaffney. 

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