Secure Freedom Minute: Will younger Americans ”keep” our republic?


All other things being equal, we now know the answer to Benjamin Franklin’s famous admonition about whether we’ll be able to “keep” our constitutional republic.

New polling data suggests that, unless something dramatic changes among a generation or two of younger Americans, in due course, we will surrender our sovereignty, freedoms and country to new management.

According to a Heartland Institute-Rasmussen survey, a majority of us in the 19-39 age cohort want the United Nations to be responsible for safeguarding our civil rights.

That would be the end of the Constitution bequeathed to us by Franklin and the other Founders.

Instead of individuals we elect and who are, therefore, supposed to be accountable to us, we would be ruled by foreigners – most of whom, like the Chinese Communist Party, hate freedom.

Are you willing to let that happen to America?

This is Frank Gaffney.

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