Secure Freedom Radio: James Wallner, Stephen Byren and Col. John Mills


JAMES WALLNER, Senior Fellow, R Street Institute, Former Vice President for Research, The Heritage Foundation, Former Executive Director, Senate Steering Committee, Lecturer, Clemson University, @jiwallner

James Wallner talks about the overall structure of the Senate, its check and balances and how the late Nevada Senator Harry Reid broke it 

Wallner talks about Left’s attempts to rewrite the rules in Congress and their dangerous implications

STEPHEN BRYEN, President of SDB Partners,  Senior Fellow, Center for Security Policy and Defense Studies at the American Foreign Policy Council, @stevebryen

Dr. Stephen Bryen talks about the prospects of war between China and Taiwan in the new year

Bryen makes the case for the U.S. ramping up military and diplomatic relations with Japan in a bid to safeguard Taiwan 

Bryen: “I think the U.S. approach has always been that if there’s a problem in the area, we would take care of it ourselves, without anybody else”

COL. (RET.) JOHN MILLS, Former Director, Cybersecurity Policy, Strategy, and International Affairs, Office of the Secretary of Defense

Col. John Mills talks about success examples of how U.S. officials have blocked Chinese actors from stealing confidential information

Col. Mills talks about how Black Rock, Inc. CEO Larry Fink is putting profit above the national security interests of the United States

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