Secure Freedom Minute: Biden’s Enemy Within is Us


Yesterday, while ostensibly promoting voting rights, Joe Biden declared war on people he explicitly described as domestic enemies.

He was not talking about the Marxists and Islamists who have made no secret of their desire to “fundamentally transform” America, replacing via stolen elections or through color revolutions our constitutional Republic with the form of totalitarian government they respectively favor.

Such actual enemies are, of course, part of Biden’s base. Instead, he’s targeting Americans who share: a love of God and the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution; a commitment to election integrity; and a reluctance to be vaccinated with increasingly ineffective, and even harmful, so-called “vaccines.”

It’s not treason to oppose Mr. Biden’s desperate bid to enact legislation that would impose permanently and nationwide the fraud-conducive voting arrangements that enabled his election. And Americans who do so are not the enemy.

This is Frank Gaffney. 

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