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CHRIS FARRELL, Director, Investigations and Research, Judicial Watch, Author, “Exiled Emissary: George H. Earle III, Soldier, Sailor, Diplomat, Governor, Spy,” @JudicialWatch

How did an independently wealthy businessman from Philadelphia become a leading figure in the Democratic Party, Governor, Diplomat and spy?

George H. Earle III takes his uncles yacht, offers it as a Naval Reserve vessel at the onset of World War I, and patrols the Atlantic coast for submarines, later winning the Navy cross

During the inner-War period, Earle becomes an internationally ranked polo player, eventually backing Franklin Delanor Roosevelt for President in 1932, who later appointed him as U.S. ambassador to Austria from 1933-35

Chris Farrell: A remarkable Governor who fought for civil rights and loathed Communism

What if George Earle had run and won the Democratic nomination in 1940?

Earle arrived in North Africa at the onset of Operation Torch and bumped into his old Polo friend, George Paton

In January 1943, when FDR meets with Churchill in Casablanca, Morocco, the President declares that the U.S. will only accept Germany’s unconditional surrender – Which resonates within the officer core throughout the Nazi Reich

The German military’s top intelligence officer comes to Earle in Istanbul with a proposition: In exchange for Hitler and his inner circle, the allies would sign an armistice with Germany and declare war on the Soviet Union – FDR does not respond

In March 1945, Earle returned to Washington D.C. to meet with the President, after-which it became evident that the whole White House had “gone pink” [Communist]

Earle threatens to go public about Soviet war crimes, at which point FDR banishes him to the Samoan islands

Farrell: Where is General Milley’s head in all this?

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