Secure Freedom Radio: With David Goldman, Diana West, Mark Schneider and Christine Douglass-Williams

Secure Freedom Radio

DAVID GOLDMAN, Author of How Civilizations Die, Best known for his series of essays in the Asia Times under the pseudonym Spengler:

  • A recent report diagnosing problems associated with the Chinese Communist Party
  • The United States’ use of Asia in its tech industry

DIANA WEST, Nationally syndicated columnist, Blogs at, Author of Death of the Grown UpAmerican Betrayal, and Red Thread: A Search for Ideological Drivers Inside the Anti-Trump Conspiracy:

  • “Enemy lists” being generated by members of the Democratic party
  • What are democratic socialists?
  • How has social media censorship changed in recent years?

MARK SCHNEIDER, Senior Analyst with the National Institute for Public Policy, Longtime career in the Office of the Secretary of Defense for Policy:

  • A current assessment of the Chinese nuclear weapons capacity
  • What would a Biden administration do to the US nuclear weapons capability?

CHRISTINE DOUGLASS-WILLIAMS, Nine-Time International Award-Winning Journalist and Television Producer, Federally Appointed Director with the Canadian Race Relations Foundation, Author of The Challenge of Modernizing Islam:

  • What is the Red-Green Axis?
  • Turkey’s influence on countries around the world
  • National security implications of a  Biden administration

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