Secure Freedom Radio: With Dr. Peter McCullough


DR. PETER MCCULLOUGH, Board Certificed Cardiovascular Diseases and Clinical Lipidology Practioner, Former Chief Academic and Scientific Officer, St. John Providence Health System, President, Cardioernal Society of America, @P_McCulloughMD

Where do we go from the Omicron variant?

Dr. Peter McCullough makes the case against over testing in the United States: “We’re not getting any clarity on what’s going on in the pandemic…We certainly can’t rely on any reports about hospitalization”

Dr. McCullough talks about the medical community’s initial disavowal of therapeutic treatments for COVID-19

Dr. McCullough’s advice on how to proceed through the pandemic: “I think at this point in time, we go ahead and drop all the vaccine mandates. We can make things very easy for the Supreme Court and the Biden administration. And then we pull the vaccines off the market – Pfizer, J&J and Moderna. Pull them….Do a review on safety. Figure out what went wrong: Why did they fail against the variants?”

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