Secure Freedom Radio: With Gordon Chang and Daniel Greenfield


GORDON CHANG, Contributor, Gatestone Institute, Newsweek, Author, “The Coming Collapse of China,” “Nuclear Showdown: North Korea Takes the World, “Losing South Korea,” and “The Great US-China Tech War,” @Gordongchang

Gordon Chang: Americans need to wake up to the reality that we can lose our society in a war with the Chinese

Report: Xi Jinping is personally implicated in the Uyghur genocide in Xinjiang

Chang talks about why it is paramount that the U.S. decouples from China now

Why is the U.S. “morally” obligated to counter China’s dubious rise?

DANIEL GREENFIELD, Contributor, Front Page Magazine, Investigative Journalist, The Sultan Knish, @Sultanknish

Daniel Greenfield talks about the Left’s campaign to dismantle Federal law enforcement’s ability to define and combat various forms of extremism in the U.S.

Greenfield talks about numerous George Soros-backed, Left wing influence operations underway in the U.S. 

What are the current states of President Biden’s policies towards Israel

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