Secure Freedom Radio: With Grant Newsham, Robert Spencer and Robert Charles


GRANT NEWSHAM, Senior Fellow, Center for Security Policy, Senior Research Fellow, Japan Forum for Strategic Studies, Contributor, Asia Times, @NewshamGrant

What does the Chinese Communist Party’s ongoing plenum have in store for Xi Jinping and the rest of Chinese society?

Will the Japanese ever accept the honest truth about their precarious military standing against China?

Grant Newsham: The U.S. military needs to engage in serious cooperation with Taiwan

How is China beefing up its overseas power projection?

ROBERT SPENCER, Director, Jihad Watch, Weekly Columnist, PJ Media and FrontPage Magazine, Author, “Mass Migration in Europe: A Model for the U.S.?,” and “Islamophobia and the Threat to Free Speech,” @jihadwatchRS 

French Poll: Two-Thirds Believe Christians ‘Threatened with Extinction’ by Mass Muslim Migration

Biden’s nominee for ambassador-at-large for religious freedom, Rashad Hussain begins his Senate confirmation process

In what ways is the Biden Administration “reviving” Obama-era Muslim Brotherhood policies?

ROBERT CHARLES, Spokesman, Association of Mature American Citizens, Former Assistant Secretary, State at the State Department’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs in the Bush Administration, Author, “Eagles and Evergreens,” @RCharles4USA

What has become of the around 3,800 credentialed Americans still trapped in Afghanistan?

Robert Charles: If you don’t incentives rule following, then the reverse happens

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