Secure Freedom Radio: With Harold Rhode, Gen. Jerry Boykin and Mike Mabee


HAROLD RHODE, Former Senior Official at the Pentagon, Senior Fellow, Gatestone Institute and the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, @HaroldRhodes

Why is the Iranian government building a large port outside the Strait of Hormuz in Jask?

Harold Rhode: The Iranian people need to know that the outside world stands with them against the tyranny of this regime and that we admire their culture

Rhode explains why the U.S. war in Afghanistan failed: “You do your work and you get out”

GEN. (RET.) WILLIAM G. BOYKIN, Executive Vice President, Family Research Council, original Member, U.S. Army’s Delta Force, @GenBoykin

Gen. Jerry Boykin: It is important for Americans to understand that those members of Congress sitting on intelligence committees, such as Rep. Eric Swalwell, by virtue of the level of clearance they have, “literally have the lives of Americans in their hands”

Gen. Boykin: It’s going to take strong leadership to come in behind Joe Biden to restore our military

This is no time to be weakening our defenses

MIKE MABEE, Author, “The Civil Defense Book,” Retired US Army Command Sergeant Major, Secure the Grid Coalition,

Secret Penalties: The Electric Grid Is Making You Pay Their Fines

Mike Mabee: There’s quite a bit of evidence that California’s mandatory vegetation standards are not working

What happened in February 2021 in Texas also happened in 2011 and 1989: There’s a cycle of the Texas grid being gravely unprepared for cold weather

In over 1,500 incidents where electric companies have been cited in federal probes, the companies themselves have not be unmasked – Why?

There have been 720 physical attacks against the U.S electric grid in the last decade

Why did the electric utility industry come out against Mabee’s objections to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission?

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