Secure Freedom Radio: With Heather Mac Donald and Robert Spencer


HEATHER MAC DONALD, Thomas W. Smith Fellow, Manhattan Institute, Contributing Editor, City Journal, and a New York Times bestselling Author, “The Diversity Delusion: How Race and Gender Pandering Corrupt the University and Undermine Our Culture,” @HMDatMI

Heather Mac Donald challenges those arguing the white supremacism is the single greatest threat facing the United States: “We had in 2020 the largest single increase, one year increase, in homicide in this nation’s history…in any context that is mind boggling…”

Mac Donald debunks many of the “hate crime” myths espoused by the American left: “The most fatal narrative that is taking down every institution in our society today is systematic racism”

What is the most unique aspect about this moment in human history?

ROBERT SPENCER, Director, Jihad Watch, Weekly Columnist, PJ Media and FrontPage Magazine, Author, “Mass Migration in Europe: A Model for the U.S.?,” and “Islamophobia and the Threat to Free Speech,” @jihadwatchRS 

Robert Spencer talks about the Canadian government’s overt response to the Freedom Convoy: He’s [Justin Trudeau] trying to portray them as not only being in violation of the law but also as racist, anti semitic, Neo-Nazi, white supremacists…”

Will the Biden Administration take its lead from the Canadian government while deciding how to handle anti mandate protests within the U.S.?

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