Secure Freedom Minute: Enough Already – 50 Years of Enabling the CCP Threat Must End


Fifty years ago this month, President Richard Nixon went to Communist China. The object was what his successors of both parties have done ever since – namely, seeking China’s assistance with some American priority or another, from countering the Soviet threat to help in ending the Vietnam war to opening markets to mitigating climate change.

Whatever the U.S. motivation for “engaging” with the ruling Chinese Communist Party, the actual effect five decades later is clear: The CCP has eaten our lunch.

Instead of our enriching the Chinese Communists translating into actual help from Beijing – let alone making them more like us – we have simply enabled China to wage what the CCP calls “unrestricted warfare” against this country and the Free World more generally.

It is absolutely insane for us to persist in engaging with, let alone continue underwriting, our most dangerous enemy ever.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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