Secure Freedom Radio: With Kyle Shideler, Robert Spencer, George Rasley and Kevin Freeman

Secure Freedom Radio

KYLE SHIDELER, Director/Senior Analyst for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism at Center for Security Policy:

  •  An overview of Antifa
  • The Center’s new monograph detailing the makeup of Antifa
  • The tactics and methodology of Antifa

ROBERT SPENCER, Director of Jihad Watch, Weekly columnist for PJ Media and FrontPage Magazine:

  • The Muslim Brotherhood’s infiltration of US government
  • Counter-terrorism efforts in the United States
  • What is the agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood?

GEORGE RASLEY, Editor of Conservative HQ:

  • Lists of Trump supporters and employees being compiled by members of Congress
  • Intimidation of Trump supporters by Antifa at the Million MAGA March

KEVIN FREEMAN, Senior Fellow at the Center for Security Policy, Host of Economic War Room on TheBlaze TV, Author of “Game Plan” and “Secret Weapon”:

  • Kevin’s new initiative,
  • Electoral fraud in the United States

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