Secure Freedom Radio: With Lance Crayon, David Horowitz, Russ Ramsland and Michele Bachmann

Secure Freedom Radio

LANCE CRAYON, former Senior News Editor, Global Times (US edition), former Video Journalist, China Radio International, former Senior Editor, People’s Daily English News app:

  • Lance Crayon: China’s favorite tool for deception is the media
  • State-run media functions to ensure actual journalism does not exist in China
  • Since 2016, China Daily has spent around $20 million on advertising supplements in major US newspapers

DAVID HOROWITZ, Founder, David Horowitz Freedom Center, Author, “The Enemy Withing,” @horowitz39

  • David Horowitz: A totalitarian movement that, with the election of Barack Obama in 2008, successfully subverted the Democratic Party
  • The long march through the institutions continues apace throughout the US
  • Horowitz: You can’t have free speech if you demonize your opponent

RUSS RAMSLAND, Founder and Co-Owner, Allied Security Operations Group, former Texas Congressman Candidate, former Reagan Administration official:

  • Recap on Russ Ramsland’s recent testimony on election fraud before the Texas state legislature
  • Russ Ramsland: We do not need to expand the voter rolls, we need to clean them up
  • Ramsland argues that there are, in some cases, significant discrepancies between the voting machine data and paper ballot totals

MICHELE BACHMANN, Dean, Robertson School of Government at Regent University, former US Representative, Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District, former State Senator, Minnesota, Author, “Care of Conviction: My Story,” @MicheleBachman 

  • Michele Bachmann argues that if the For the People Act is passed, it will be the end of competitive elections in the US
  • Bachmann believes that a coup took place during the 2020 Presidential election
  • Bachmann: The current administration has declared a war on the US dollar

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