Secure Freedom Radio: With Lily Tang Williams


LILY TANG WILLIAMS, Chinese Dissident, Lawyer and Law Assistant Professor, former Candidate, Colorado State House and Senate, @Lily4Liberty

Lily Tang Williams, born two years before the Chinese Cultural Revolution, grew up believing that Chairman Mao Zedong was God. What happened to make her flee China in search of a better life? 

Williams delves into the Great Proletariat Cultural Revolution, the Black blocks, the Red Guards, and the “Reactionary” classes

Did Mao succeed in destroying Chinese traditions?

Williams: If you don’t institute identity politics, you can’t have a cultural revolution – 1/3 of traditional Chinese relics were destroyed during the Cultural Revolution in China

Following the uptick in violence caused by the Red Guards, Chairman Mao decreed that all “Urban Youths”, except for the youngest in every family be sent to the countryside to undergo rustification

Threats of mass suicides were used by the sent-down youths to allow them to return to the cities in China

Censorship and mass surveillance in China today – When your rights are no longer derived from God but instead from Bureaucrats, you are no longer free 

Williams: Xi Jinping’s aspirations are not a “China Dream,” it’s a Chinese Communist Party dream

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