Secure Freedom Radio: With Mark Schneider, Amb. Pete Hoekstra and John McLaughlin


MARK SCHNEIDER, Senior Analyst, National Institute for Public Policy, Former Director, Office of the Secretary of Defense, Former Senior Foreign Service Officer, US Department of State

What is the likelihood that China and/or Russia would use an EMP in a first strike?

Mark Schneider: We are doing “very little” to counter the threats posed by China and Russia

AMB. PETE HOEKSTRA, former Congressman (1993-2011), Michigan’s 2nd Congressional District, former US Ambassador to the Netherlands (2017-2021), Fellow, Center for Security Policy, @Petehoekstra

Amb. Pete Hoekstra: We are two and a half years into COVID and the Chinese are still not cooperating in helping the international community investigate the origins of the virus

JOHN MCLAUGHLIN, CEO and Partner, McLaughlin & Associates, @jmclghln

John McLaughlin talks about McLaughlin & Associates’ November 2021 National Survey and whether respondents felt that the United States is headed in the right direction

McLaughlin: The mainstream media is under polling Republicans in their national surveys

How aware are Americans to the fact that the U.S. is “subsidizing” the Chinese threat?

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