Secure Freedom Minute: We Must Stand Up for, Not Betray, Religious Freedom


A particularly egregious example of Joe Biden’s wrecking operation is his administration’s disregard for religious liberty. Oh, he and his minions like Secretary of State Tony Blinken pay lip service to this foundational freedom. But their actions betray an indifference to its abuse and those being denied it.

For example, Secretary Blinken recently enthused about religious liberty’s importance while in Nigeria, an Islamist-dominated nation in which jihadists are genocidally murdering Christians. Immediately before, however, the State Department delisted Nigeria as a “country of concern,” effectively ignoring and legitimating the sectarian bloodletting. 

Even where Team Biden has recognized religiously motivated genocide is taking place – against Muslim minorities in Communist China – it is rewarding the practice by refusing to boycott the Olympic Games there in February.

We must actually stand up for religious freedom, not enable its abuse abroad – and, inevitably, eventually in America.

This is Frank Gaffney. 

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