Secure Freedom Radio: With Nick Ballasy, Jeff Nyquist and Lt.Gen. (ret) Jerry Boykin

Secure Freedom Radio

NICK BALLASY, Senior Correspondent, Just The News, Twitter: @NicholasBallasy

  • Bill Gates’s recent comments about creating a COVID vaccination passport during a Washington Post event – a majority of Big Tech companies are becoming more involved in vaccination task forces
  • Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s H.R. 1, a revived piece of legislation from the 116th Congress, is a Democrat’s wish list for election reform
  • During the 2020 election, President Biden raised nearly $70 million from Wall Street, overshadowing the $18 million garnered by the Trump campaign

JEFF NYQUIST, Writer, Newsmax, WorldNetDaily, SierraTimes, Financial Sense and Epoch Times, Author, “Origins of the Fourth World War and The New Tactics of Global War,”, and Twitter: @JRNyquist

  • Who are the “Ultra-Right” as defined by the Communist Party of America‘s manifesto? 
  • Jeff Nyquist lays out how the Communist Party plans to take control of the US government
  • The Communist Party USA claims to be aligned with the “Anti-Imperialist” nations of the world, including China, Vietnam, North Korea, Cuba…

LT. GEN. (RET.) WILLIAM G. BOYKIN, Executive Vice President, Family Research Council, original Member, U.S. Army’s Delta Force, Twitter: @GenBoykin

  • Gen. Jerry Boykin: The Framers of the Constitution feared the day the powers of the federal government would be used against the American people
  • Many senior military officials during the Obama-Biden era were promoted not because of their leadership but due to their support of the administration’s radical policies
  • The John Brennan theory: the show of force at the US Capitol both in the days leading up to and after the inauguration are all part of a larger psychological war 

KEVIN FREEMAN, Senior Fellow, Center for Security Policy, Host, Economic War Room on TheBlaze TV, Author, “Game Plan” and “Secret Weapon,” Twitter: @SecretWeaponUSA

  • Naked short selling, short selling and short squeezing: The GameStop and Wall Street saga explained
  • Why do people lend their stocks to others full well knowing that they are going to receive less in return?
  • When President Biden says that he will raise taxes, increase regulations and tank America’s prospects for energy independence, steady economic recovery will not occur
  • Kevin Freeman: As interest rates begin to increase on US debt, foreign actors will try to dethrone the US dollar as the reserve currency of the world 

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