Secure Freedom Radio: With Paul Boardman, Gen. Jerry Boykin, Amb. Pete Hoekstra and Col. John Mills

Secure Freedom Radio

PAUL BOARDMAN, Chairman, Decouple China Political Action Committee: 

  • In 2020 the US had a $310 billion trade deficit with China
  • Paul Boardman does not buy the argument that the US is not capable of reenergizing its manufacturing sector, as seen by mass mobilization following COVID-19
  • Mainstreet America gets it – China is committing genocide
  • H.R. 8491 is the first step in recognizing the Chinese Communist Party as a transnational criminal organization
  1. GEN. (RET.) WILLIAM G. BOYKIN, Executive Vice President, Family Research Council, original Member, U.S. Army’s Delta Force, @GenBoykin
  • Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin: Donald Trump did to the military what Ronald Reagan did after succeeding Jimmy Carter; creating War Fighters
  • Individuals belonging to extremist groups have always been banned from the military – President Biden’s purges are a completely different story 
  • Lt. Gen. Boykin explains who is really in control in Iran

PETE HOEKSTRA, former Congressman (1993-2011), Michigan’s 2nd Congressional District, former US Ambassador to the Netherlands (2017-2021), Fellow, Center for Security Policy:

  • Elements within the Obama administration were tasked with monitoring the Trump campaign and transition team
  • Pete Hoekstra argues that law enforcement crossed a line when they used information gathered by the US intelligence community to pursue American citizens
  • Chairman of the US Intel Committee, Rep. Adam Schiff, would agree with CIA Director John Brennan’s assessment that the federal government needs a “laser-like” focus to deal with supposed domestic threats

COL (RET) JOHN MILLS, Former Director, Cybersecurity Policy, Strategy, and International Affairs, Office of the Secretary of Defense:

  • Col. John Mills: Will the real Biden China policy please stand up?
  • What are China’s military capabilities, and should the US be concerned about the People’s Liberation Army’s growing amphibious applications?
  • China’s “Operational Preparation for the Environment” – a dress rehearsal for conflict against the US

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