Secure Freedom Radio: With Richard Kemp


RICHARD KEMP, Infantry Battalion Commanding Officer (Ret.), British Army, Author, “Attack State Red,” @COLRICHARDKEMP

Col. Richard Kemp: We had to remain in Afghanistan for some time after 2001 – We couldn’t just destroy Al-Qaeda and the Taliban and immediately pull out

Where and when did the situation in Afghanistan “go off the tracks”?

Col. Kemp: The U.S. and U.K. directly controlled the Afghan government, which was not capable of controlling the whole of Afghanistan

Col Kemp: Taxpayer money was used to fund a war against the U.S. and its allies in Afghanistan

Col. Kemp: For President Biden to call the Afghan army, “cowards…they won’t fight for themselves, why should we fight for them,’ after stripping them of vital U.S. support, is devastating

What are the takeaways from the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan?

Col. Kemp: “Talk about a twenty-year war, what about South Korea? The Americans have been in South Korea since the 50’s…We’ve had a U.S. garrison in Germany since 1945…” So why is Afghanistan separated from the rest? 

Col. Kemp: It took the U.S. 15 years to successfully regain its position in the world after the Fall of Saigon

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