Secure Freedom Radio: With Robert Spencer, Sam Faddis and Hon. Robert Charles


ROBERT SPENCER, Director, Jihad Watch, Weekly columnist, PJ Media and FrontPage Magazine, Author, “Mass Migration in Europe: A Model for the U.S.?,” and forthcoming, “Islamophobia and the Threat to Free Speech,” @jihadwatchRS 

Robert Spencer talks about U.S. aid deals with Afghanistan: “According to Sharia, it is the responsibility of non-Muslims to pay for the upkeep of the Muslims” – The Taliban sees the U.S. as “paying its dues”

Are some Afghan refugees staying in a vacation hotel in England?

How and why is the Biden administration kowtowing to Iran?

SAM FADDIS, Former Clandestine Operations Officer, CIA, former Congressional Candidate, Editor,, Author, “Beyond Repair: The Decline and Fall of the CIA,” @RealSamFaddis

Are we developing a vaccine against a disease that is now extinct

What do vaccine mandates have in-store for the rest of society?

ROBERT CHARLES, Spokesman, Association of Mature American Citizens, Former Assistant Secretary, State at the State Department’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs in the Bush Administration, Author, “Eagles and Evergreens,” @RCharles4USA

Robert Charles: Talk is cheap – if we lose an interest in defending freedom in Taiwan, we give up the notion that freedom matters

Charles: “We [The United States] are more like France in 1939”

Charles: Attorney General Merrick Garland knows what he is doing is illegal

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