Secure Freedom Minute: The CCP Is Bad for Animals and Other Living Things


On Tuesday, Chinese dictator Xi Jinping cynically used a UN Biodiversity Summit to announce a new fund to promote conservation of developing countries’ native and endangered species.

As it happens, the BBC reported last week on the devastation of one such species that the Chinese are wreaking across Africa. It turns out that millions of donkeys are being slaughtered to satisfy China’s insatiable appetite for their skins and meat. The effect is not only laying waste to such animals. It’s also devastating the livelihoods and lives of Africans who rely on these indispensable beasts of burden.

The Chinese Communists are also afflicting Africa via a colonial Belt and Road Initiative that’s corrupting the continents’ nations, pillaging their resources and undermining their sovereignty.

Beware the CCP’s phony largesse; its object is becoming dominant, not biodiversity – let alone the interests of Africa’s humans. 

This is Frank Gaffney.

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