Secure Freedom Radio: With Roger Robinson and Lawrence Sellin


ROBER ROBINSON, President and CEO, RWR Advisory Group, Former Senior Director of International Economic Affairs, White House (1982-1985), Former Chairman, US-China Economic and Security Review Commission, Co-Founder, Prague Security Studies Institute

Roger Robinson explains why the Chinese government decided to label Chinese ride-sharing giant DiDi a national security risk – $16.4 billion of the company’s value disappeared overnight

In July 2021 alone, U.S. investors lost over $400 billion in the Chinese tech sector

A-Shares: Chinese companies traded in places with booming markets, like Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Shanghai, that are picked up by index providers which then convert said companies into exchange traded funds – Eventually making their way to the portfolios of unwitting Americas via companies like Black Rock, Inc.

LAWRENCE SELLIN, retired international businessman and medical researcher, Veteran, US Army Reserve, @LawrenceSellin

Lawrence Sellin: “Scientific chain migration” in the 1990s allowed Chinese researchers to populate every avenue of the U.S. medical industry

Sellin: COVID-19 was intentionally designed to make it look like it came from nature

Sellin: The political elites, a.k.a, the Globalists, in the U.S. don’t see America as a country, but as a land with people to exploit

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