Secure Freedom Radio: With Sam Faddis, Bradley Thayer, Steven Kwast and Bill Walton

Secure Freedom Radio

SAM FADDIS, former Clandestine Operations Officer, CIA, former Congressional Candidate, Editor,, Author, “Beyond Repair: The Decline and Fall of the CIA,” @RealSamFaddis

  • Sam Faddis delves into the impending trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin and its implications for public safety
  • How did George Floyd die – Extreme force or a fentanyl overdoes? 
  • Faddis talks about Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison’s progressive roots 

BRADLEY THAYER, Professor of International Security Studies, Tallinn University, former Senior Analyst, National Institute for Public Policy, Author, How China Sees the World: 

  • Bradley Thayer: The Biden administration wants to return to an era of accommodations – an era that ushered in China’s rise
  • When negotiating with the Communists, if you must, always be sure to enforce a strict time-limit
  • Thayer contends that China has no desire to follow or enforce any singular international system and norms – they will do whatever suits their Marxist ambitions at that exact moment

STEVEN KWAST, Lieutenant General (Retired), US Air Force, Deployments include Desert Shield and Storm, Southern Watch, Allied Force and Operation Enduring Freedom: 

  • San Antonio’s grid infrastructure and partnership with the US military should serve as a model for the rest of Texas
  • Steven Kwast: China wants to dominate space the same way the British Empire ruled the high seas
  • China has ambitions to establish a base on the dark side of the moon

BILL WALTON, Managing Partner, Rappahannock Ventures, Chairman, Rush River Entertainment, former Leader, Donald Trump Transition Team, Host, The Bill Walton Show, Senior Fellow, Discovery Institute’s Center on Wealth, Poverty and Morality, @billwaltonshow

  • Bill Walton: Republicans can’t count Sen. Joe Manchin for prevent Democrats from rewriting elections laws and taking away the filibuster
  • What will come of the For the People Act?- Democrats have about 18 months until the 2022 midterms

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