Secure Freedom Radio: With Sam Faddis

Secure Freedom Radio

SAM FADDIS, former Clandestine Operations Officer, CIA, former Congressional Candidate, Editor,, Author, “Beyond Repair: Rise and Fall of the CIA,” Twitter: @RealSamFaddis:

Part I: 

  • Issues related to electronic voting machines do not pertain to Dominion alone
  • Sam Faddis: “They did it in broad daylight for over a year and nobody cared”

Part II: 

  • How do we win the next battle?
  • State legislatures circumvented state laws 
  • Faddis: Was Joe Biden formally recruited by the Chinese intelligence services a number of years ago?

Part III: 

  • Chinese operatives working to court US politicians is nothing new
  • Why did Joe Biden help craft the “Memorandum of Understanding” with the Chinese Communist Party?
  • China’s dream team within an incoming Biden-Harris administration – Anthony Blinken, Jake Sullivan

Part IV: 

  • Biden Administration’s potential aspirations to partner with the Chinese in space
  • What will a potential Iran nuclear deal 2.0 look like?
  • Is Biden’s supposed Iran pick too soft on the Ayatollah?
  • A return to Custom and Board Patrol’s “Catch and Release” policies in a Biden Administration

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