Secure Freedom Radio: With Todd Bensman, Gordon Chang and Jim Banks

Secure Freedom Radio

TODD BENSMAN, Senior National Security Fellow, Center for Immigration Studies, former Department of Homeland Security official, Twitter: @BensmanTodd

GORDON CHANG, Contributor, Daily Beast, Author, “The Coming Collapse of China,” “Nuclear Showdown: North Korea Takes the World, “Losing South Korea,” and “The Great US-China Tech War” Twitter: @Gordongchang

  • Gordon Chang argues that Biden’s nearly xenophobia comments during a CNN townhall appearance suggest that crimes against humanity are “cultural norms” within Chinese society
  • Biden’s view of China, most namely that the Chinese Communist Party is a regime the US should support and nurture, is outdated
  • The current administration has busied itself reviewing and repealing Trump era bans on Chinese tech companies

REP. JIM BANKS, Supply Corps Officer, US Navy Reserves, Chairman, Republican Study Committee, Member, House Committee on Armed Services, Veterans’ Affairs, Education and Labor, Ranking Member, House Armed Services Subcommittee on Military Personnel, Co-Chair, Future of Defense Task Force, Twitter: @RepJimBanks

Part I: 

  • Bad Policies, Bad Personnel: Trying to build a consensus within the Republican Party in a post-Trump Era
  • Rep. Jim Banks: Biden is more interested in playing footsie with China than standing up to them
  • Republicans are calling on Democrats to stray from the party line and work with the GOP to combat China

Part II: 

  • Rep. Jim: Biden’s recent comments during CNN’s Town Hall were deeply troubling for a number of reasons 
  • What did Chairman Xi say to Biden during their two hour phone call?
  • President Trump appealed to America’s blue-collar Democrats in a way very few have ever succeeded in doing before

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