Secure Freedom Radio: With Zach Vorhies

Secure Freedom Radio

Zach Vorhies, former Senior Software Engineer, YouTube and Google, Twitter: @Perpetualmaniac and Zachvorhies.comPart I:

  • Zach Vorhies witnessed the unprecedented increase in purges of the “undesirables” within Google and YouTube starting in 2016
  • According to Google executives, the most successful thing they did in 2016 was censoring “fake news”

Part II: 

  • Machine Learning Fairness: Weaponized artificial intelligence melded with critical race theory
  • This software classifies and ranks different social and political events using keywords and phrases from sources handpicked by an army of software engineers at the California-based tech giant
  • According to Vorhies, since 2017, the system projected a negative image of President Trump by valuing some sources of information over others

Part III:

  • As found in a study done by Dr. Robert Epstein, “Search Engine Manipulation Effect,” Google search results are NOT organic
  • One of the main guidelines for Google’s search engine criteria is Wikipedia
  • Vorhies: Google is working to actively destabilize the United States of America – Forth Generation Political Warfare

Part IV:

  • China is running Google – not something that happened over night but over the course of several decades
  • Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP): How Google News is populated and how the tech company censors certain sources
  • Google is a vital element for the “Great Reset” – elimination of private property, employment, nationalism, etc.


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