Stand with Israel, Not Leftists Imperiling Her


In Israel, radical leftists are literally bringing the country to a standstill to stop the long-needed and reasonable judicial reforms mandated in last November’s elections. Blockaded highways and now a general strike by transportation workers are endangering the country’s economy and security.

The Biden administration, which endlessly professes its commitment to democracy, has been supporting its ideological allies’ efforts to block the sorts of governmental checks-and-balances foundational to our own constitutional Republic. It supports those who want the left-dominated Israeli Supreme Court effectively to make elected officials irrelevant, and would clearly welcome their toppling of Benjamin Netanyahu’s government.

Such interference in the internal affairs of our most important regional ally is not only reprehensible. It is also strategically reckless at a time when our mutual enemies are feeling emboldened to renew their efforts to destroy the Jewish State.

Stand with Israel.

This is Frank Gaffney. 

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