Stop Pretending Qatar is an Ally


Congressman Steny Hoyer warned this week that, in light of Qatar’s enabling of Hamas intransigence in Gaza ceasefire negotiations, “The United States must reevaluate its relationship” with that Middle Eastern nation. The Qatari prime minister peevishly responded that his country is undertaking a “comprehensive evaluation” of its mediating role. 

While these statements smack of political theater, they should be seized to end Washington’s practice of overlooking Qatar’s myriad malign activities in the interest of maintaining a huge military presence in that nation. 

In fact, the Qataris relentlessly support Sharia-supremacism worldwide, promote jihad via their news outlet, al Jazeera, and underwrite subversive influence operations here. Recently, they even blocked the use of our air base there. 

Qatar is not our friend, let alone a reliable “major non-NATO ally.” Stop pretending otherwise and treat it accordingly.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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