VIDEO: Friend of Wall Street and the CCP, Steve Mnuchin


Steven Mnuchin is the U.S. Treasury Secretary. Ostensibly, he works for the President and the American people. In fact, he works for Wall Street.

That shouldn’t be a surprise. Mnuchin made a fortune as a Goldman Sachs executive. Everybody expects he intends to return to Wall Street. He certainly acts that way.

That’s because the Treasury Secretary is constantly protecting the interests of his friends in the financial sector, even when they conflict with the public interest.

For example, Mnuchin is shamelessly working to keep American investors’ money flowing from our stock and bond markets to companies and banks controlled by the Chinese Communist Party.

That means he is ensuring that the CCP is able to continue buying weapons to threaten us. He’s enabling it to continue to wage war against our economy and middle class.

If Steve Mnuchin wants to work for Wall Street, he should go back there, now. As long as he is Treasury Secretary, he needs to work for us, not the Chinese Communist Party and its enablers.

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