Webinar | Chinese Carry-Out: A CCP Biowarfare Lab in California            



Chinese Carry-Out: A CCP Biowarfare Lab in California?

Webinar to Examine the Ominous Implications of What We Know – and Don’t

Tuesday, July 31, 2023
12:30-1:45 p.m. ET

Last week, local news broke a chilling story about a possible Chinese-connected biological laboratory in a supposedly empty warehouse in the city of Reedley, California. At the very minimum, its contents – including roughly thirty refrigerators and freezers containing some twenty different infectious diseases, incubators, unmarked vials containing human body fluids and unidentified chemicals, together with mice genetically modified to “catch and carry” COVID-19 – constituted a significant threat to public safety.

Much is not yet known about this operation. For example: Who exactly was responsible for what was being done in this makeshift laboratory? Was it intended to produce and unleash its toxic substances as weapons against the American people? And most importantly, are there other such facilities elsewhere in this country?


Frank Gaffney, Founder and Executive Chairman, Center for Security Policy; Vice Chairman, Committee on the Present Danger: China.


Brian Kennedy – Topic: “California Nightmare: The CCP’s ‘Unrestricted Warfare’ includes Biological Attacks”
Hon. Pete Hoekstra – Topic: “The CCP is at War with America: The Team B III Report on COVID’s Origins Validated and the Next Shoe to Drop?”
Dr. Steven Hatfill – Topic: “An Assessment of the Illegal Lab in California: Biohazard or Biowarfare?”
J.R. Nyquist – Topic: “The Chinese Communist Party’s Plans for Biological Warfare against America” (Invited)
Charles “Sam” Faddis – Topic: “The Threat of Biowarfare Terrorism in America from the CCP –  and Others”
Colonel John Mills – Topic: “The CCP’s Plans for War on the American Homefront and What We Must Do to Foil Them”



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