We’ve Been Warned – It Is the CCP Virus

By securingamerica

Dr. Li-Meng Yan is a courageous virologist who fled her native Hong Kong last year to warn Americans that the Covid-19 virus is a product of the Chinese Communist Party’s biological warfare program. Her research indicates that it was deliberately unleashed in furtherance of the CCP’s longstanding goal of global domination. 

Unfortunately, such warnings have been discounted or ignored by the Biden administration. A new study by its highly politicized intelligence community couldn’t identify the source of the ongoing pandemic. 

This much is clear: The Chinese Communists have immensely benefited from the virus at our expense. Consider just one example of its knock-on effects: Front-line Air Force pilots are resigning rather than accede to mandatory Covid vaccination orders. 

This is no time to decimate our military. Given the CCP’s ambitions and conduct, we’re going to need every warrior and a proper war-footing.

This is Frank Gaffney.