With Ben Weingarten, Col. John Mills and George Rasley


BEN WEINGARTEN, Federalist Senior Contributor, Senior fellow at the London Center for Policy Research, Fellow at the Claremont Institute, @bhweingarten

The Biden administration’s reaction to Hamas’ attack on Israel
What impact does the U.S. relationship with Iran have on Israel?
Does the U.S. want Benjamin Netanyahu out of power?
A “maximum pressure” campaign by the Biden administration

COL. JOHN MILLS, Senior Fellow, Center for Security Policy

What was Operation Earnest Will?
Iran’s role in the Houthi movement
Suspected Iranian attacks on Israeli ships

GEORGE RASLEY, Editor of Conservative HQ

What is the “new American way of war”?
The danger of “elite capture” in the United States
“Intersectionality” between Marxism and Sharia
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