With Col. David Maxwell, Suzanne Scholte and Dede Laugesen


DAVID MAXWELL, Senior Fellow, Foundation for Defense of Democracies, former Special Forces Colonel, United States Army, former Instructor, National War College, @DavidMaxwell161

An update on North Korea’s nuclear missile program
How much do North Korea’s missile tests cost?
Why the U.S. needs to keep enforcing sanctions on North Korea

SUZANNE SCHOLTE, President, Defense Forum Foundation, Chairwoman, North Korea Freedom Coalition:

What impact does South Korea have on the well-being of the North Korean citizens?
A radio program Scholte is helping produce with North Korean defectors

DEDE LAUGESEN, Director, Save the Persecuted Christians

An increase in the persecution of Christians around the world
What can be done to help these vulnerable people?
Is the Biden administration doing anything to stop this persecution?
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