With Col. John Mills, Christine Douglass-Williams and Hon. Ismael Benavides


COL. (RET.) JOHN MILLS, Senior Fellow, Center for Security Policy, Member, Committee on the Present Danger: China

The current state of counter-intelligence within the U.S. government
Is the FBI focusing on national security threats?
What was the “Cyber Response Group”?

CHRISTINE DOUGLASS-WILLIAMS, Nine-time international award-winning journalist and television producer, Former federally appointed Director, Canadian Race Relations Foundation, Former Appointee, Office of Religious Freedom in Foreign Affairs, Author, “The Challenge of Modernizing Islam”

What is Justin Trudeau’s connection to the Chinese Communist Party
Is Canada trying to model their economy after China’s?

HON. ISMAEL BENAVIDES, Former Peruvian Finance Minister

Why was Peru’s President Castillo impeached?
Is there hope for the people of Peru?
What does the political future of Peru look like?
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