With Dr. Bradley Thayer, Bill Walton and Dr. Stephen Bryen


BRADLEY THAYER, Director of China Policy, Center for Security Policy, Author, How China Sees the World

Recent steps taken by the Wagner Group in Russia
The importance of China’s new military base in Cuba
What has the Biden administration’s reaction been to this new development?
Similarities between the Cuban and Chinese regimes

BILL WALTON, Host, The Bill Walton Show

How China’s global ambitions have become more apparent in recent years
What does “de-risking” mean with respect to China?
The U.S. defense industry’s reliance on China for manufacturing

STEPHEN BRYEN, Senior Fellow, Center for Security Policy

What was the outcome of the recent “march on Moscow” from the Wagner Group?
Are the Russian forces starting to weaken?
How do the Chinese perceive the United States after Blinken’s meeting with Xi?
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