With Dr. David Wurmser, Todd McMurtry & Robert Charles


Dr. David Wurmser, Director of CSP’s Program on Fighting Global Anti-Semitism and defending the US-Israel relationship 

Explored the latest turn of the screw by the Biden administration, who green lighted the prosecution of Israel by the International Criminal Court.

Todd McMurtry, Experienced trial attorney and trained mediator, Vice President of the Board of Governors for the Kentucky Bar Association, Formerly the President of the Northern Kentucky Bar Association

Examined the adverse court rulings concerning individuals’ rights when they are censored or otherwise canceled through defamation that is couched as opinion.

Robert Charles, Author of “Eagles and Evergreens”   

What are the implications of the Biden administration’s decision to green light the International Criminal Court’s indictment of Benjamin Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders? 
Discussed the dangerous, reckless pursuit of legalization of marijuana.
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