With George Rasley, Dr. Meryl Nass & Jay Valentine


George Rasley, Editor of Conservative HQ

Geroge Rasley and I explored how the Chinese Communist Party is involved with the situation in the Middle East to compound the invasion of Israel.

We also discussed what the Chinese Communist Party is doing to the Philippines and in the South China Sea.   

Dr. Meryl Nass, Board-Certified Physician, Epidemic Expert

Dr. Meryl Nass and I discussed the biopharmaceutical industrial complex ramping up to tell us we’ve got another pandemic in the offing, this time they’re calling it disease X. 

Dr. Meryl Nass and I explore what exactly disease X is.

 Jay Valentine, Omega 4 America

I spoke with Jay Valentine about the use of quantum computing to ferret out threats to election integrity in the United States, including those posed by the Chinese Communist Party’s operatives, as well as those seeking to exploit the use of fraudulent mailing addresses to enfranchise illegal votes and disenfranchise legal ones.

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