With George Rasley, John Leake and Dr. Meryl Nass


GEORGE RASLEY, Editor of Conservative HQ

Is the Biden administration censoring certain political groups?
A bill targeting TikTok that recently passed the House
New hiring practices by Tyson Foods

JOHN LEAKE, Author, The Meaning of Malice

Has the Biden administration “infringed” on the First Amendment?
An upcoming power grab by the World Health Organization
What is the biopharmaceutical complex?

DR. MERYL NASS, Board-Certified Physician, Epidemic Expert

A House vote in favor of defunding the World Health Organization
Issues with “just” defunding the WHO
What powers would the WHO get if a new treaty is passed?
Is the “China model” being expanded to the rest of the world?
Are digital vaccine passports coming to the U.S.?
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