With Grant Newsham, LTC. Tommy Waller & Dr. Karen Siegemund


Grant Newsham, Senior Research Fellow at Japan Forum for Strategic Studies 
I spoke with Grant Newsham about the winds of war that appear to be blowing increasingly forcefully in the Western Pacific, North Korea, the Philippines, Taiwan, and perhaps even the United States. His assessment is a dire one and is required viewing.

LTC. Tommy Waller, President and CEO of the Center for Security Policy

Lieutenant Colonel Tommy Waller and I spoke about the work of the Center for Security Policy, which he leads, the vital need for it, and the opportunity to provide some material help to it for the good of our nation. 

We also discussed the current state of the US military and the intelligence community. It is beset with terrible leadership and a cultural Marxist subversive agenda.

Dr. Karen Siegemund, President American Freedom Alliance

Dr. Karen Siegemund and I spoke about an upcoming attraction, the next convening of a national security briefing on World War III, the early years, taking place in Charlotte, North Carolina on Thursday, June 27th An all -star cast will address arguably the single most important national security challenge of our time, that posed by the Chinese Communist Party.

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