Secure Freedom Minute: Who Supports a Toxic Judge?


Roughly a fifth of the U.S. Senate is comprised of Democrats and Independents up for reelection this fall. Each of them may soon cast a vote that will illuminate their attitudes towards some of the most divisive issues of our time.
President Biden wants a radical leftist Oregon judge named Mustafa Taher Kasubhai to have a lifetime appointment to the U.S. District Court there. 
Never mind that he: embraces cultural Marxist identity politics; exemplifies his state’s soft-on-crime attitude towards the riots precipitated by Black Lives Matter in 2020; admires one its inspirations, a so-called “anti-racist” racist named Ibrahim X. Kendi;  and describes the United States as “Islamophobic” and Muslim assimilation as “erasure.” 
Any senator who believes a man with such toxic views should wield the power of a federal judge must henceforth be accountable for sharing them. Do yours? 
This is Frank Gaffney.
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