With Grant Newsham, Stephen Bryen & Caroline Glick


Grant Newsham, Senior Research Fellow at Japan Forum for Strategic Studies 

Explored the lessons that are being learned from two of Joe Biden’s policies by friends and foes.

We discussed the entry of young men of military age into our country. Some of them, it seems, are Chinese military personnel, others of them almost certainly jihadists. 

What does the betrayal of the government of Israel by the Biden administration mean for our Other friends and allies we have long had elsewhere around the world? 

Stephen Bryen, leading expert in security strategy and technology. He has held senior positions in the Department of Defense, on Capitol Hill and as the President of a large multinational defense and technology company. 

The difficulty Israel now faces in providing for its security and that of its people in the face of the pressure on Israel’s government to surrender, in effect, to Hamas by not finishing the job.

Caroline Glick, Host Of The Caroline Glick Show

The extraordinary danger that is now posed to the state of Israel by the Biden administration’s cutoff of arms to the Jewish state

The survival of Hamas and its intensifying abilities to defeat Israel, thanks to the help of the Biden administration and against the express wishes of the American people.

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