With Kenneth Rapoza, Steven Hecht and Scott Powell


KENNETH RAPOZA, Industry Analyst, The Coalition for a Prosperous America

A large loss in market value for China Evergrande Group
Issues with the manufacturing industry in China
An expansion of Chinese “soft power” in the early 2000s
Are countries trying to “de-risk” from the West?

STEVEN HECHT, Businessman, Writer, and Film Producer

Instances of election corruption in Guatemala
Did the United States play a role in this election interference?
What is the United States’ strategic interest in Guatemala?

SCOTT POWELL, Senior Fellow at the Discovery Institute, Former fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution

Comparing Marxism with “wokeism”
What is the ultimate goal of “cultural Marxists” in the U.S.?
How critical race theory is impacting U.S. military recruitment numbers
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