With Rick Fisher, Kimberly Hermann and Michael Anton

By Tim

RICK FISHER, Senior Fellow of Asian Military Affairs, International Assessment and Strategy Center, Author, “China’s Military Modernization: Building for Regional and Global Reach,” former Asian Studies Director, The Heritage Foundation, former China Brief Editor, The Jamestown Foundation

  • China’s continued military buildup
  • Fisher estimates that in a decade China will have 7-8 naval carriers
  • Starlink threatens China. They are developing military space capabilities that might be able to help them deal with Starlink.

KIMBERLY HERMANN, General Counsel, Southeastern Legal Foundation

  • Discussion on CRT and diversity trainings as way for the far-Left to divide Americans using race
  • The Southeastern Legal Foundation’s efforts to combat CRT

MICHAEL ANTON, Author of The Stakes: America at the Point of No Return, Lecturer and Research Fellow at Hillsdale College, Senior Fellow at the Claremont Institute, Former National Security official in the Trump administration:

  • The Jan. 6 committee hearings as a show trial
  • Poll data shows most Americans characterize Jan 6 as a “protest that went too far”
  • Discussion on proposed red flag laws