With Robert Green, Vice Admiral William “Dean” Lee, Kenneth Rapoza and Rabbi Pesach Wolicki


ROBERT GREEN, Author, Defending the Constitution behind Enemy Lines

VICE ADM. WILLIAM “DEAN” LEE, Retired Vice Admiral, U.S. Coast Guard

A preview of Green’s book, Defending the Constitution behind Enemy Lines
How did the COVID-19 pandemic impact the United States’ armed forces?
Analyzing how the vaccine was handled by the military

KENNETH RAPOZA, Industry Analyst, The Coalition for a Prosperous America

“Reshoring” of companies from China to Mexico
Are other countries moving their manufacturing business to Mexico?
How does NAFTA play into this new business strategy by China?

RABBI PESACH WOLICKI, Host, Eyes on Israel

Issues with civilian casualty numbers provided by Hamas
What is the U.S. justification for potentially sending troops to Gaza?
Who is causing a “humanitarian crisis” in Gaza?
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