With, Ruthie Bloom, Christopher Holton & Bill Walton


Ruthie Bloom, Senior Analyst and Director of State Outreach at CSP

We discussed the developments in the war between Israel and her enemies, notably Hamas, but also Hezbollah, Iran, and China.
We explored the efforts within the government of Israel, the war cabinet, and even Benjamin Netanyahu’s own party, as well as the machinations of the U.S. government to try to bring down Benjamin Netanyahu and ensure victory for Hamas.

Christopher Holton, Columnist and Editor at Jewish News Syndicate

Explored the incredible work that the Center for Security Policy has been doing to support legislators in states around the country as they wrestle with how to protect their people in the face of tremendous and growing threats here at home. It’s a fantastic story and it’s a tribute to Chris as well as the Center for Security Policy that he represents so well.

Bill Walton, Host of The Bill Walton Show

We explored the developments on two sides of the world. In Iran, the death of the butcher of Tehran, and in Taiwan, the inauguration of a man who stands for freedom against the Chinese Communist Party. 
We discussed the prospects of another conflagration being started due to Xi’s visit with Putin, possibly here in the United States.
We discussed the BRICS countries’ developing a new strategy to overthrow the dollar as the world’s reserve currency.
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