With Sam Faddis, Sabin Howard, David Walsh


Sam Faddis, Former CIA Ops Officer, Spent twenty years as an Operations officer in the Middle East, South Asia and Europe, Former Candidate for Congress, Senior Subject Matter Expert at Axon/Lockheed Martin, Author of Beyond Repair: The Decline and Fall of the CIA (2009)   

We discussed the problem going on our college campuses at the moment, enabled by known front groups of jihadists and communist stripes.

Explored the extent to which Chinese military personnel have been implanted into this country in large numbers from China.

What is The Volt Typhoon and why should you worry? 

Sabin Howard, Co author of “The Art of Life”

I had a fascinating conversation with America’s Michelangelo.

Who put the finishing touches on his masterpiece, a 60-foot-long memorial to those who served and, in many cases, died in World War I.

David Walsh, President, The Takota Group

How the Biden administration celebrated Earth Day by further dismantling what’s left of America’s energy security.

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