George Rasley & Dr. Harold Rhode


George Rasley, Editor of Conservative HQ 

We spoke with George Rasely about a couple of very pressing topics. One is whether the House of Representatives is doing all it can to spare our friend Steve Bannon the impending four months in federal prison.

We also talked about what the Chinese are doing with our money. If you’ve been investing it in Wall Street, pension funds, mutual funds, or other vehicles, that would probably be your money, and it isn’t good. 

We also talked about the World Health Organization and the idea that maybe they’ll be coming for your guns.

Dr. Harold Rhode Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Gatestone Institute 

I spoke with Dr. Harold Rhode about the insights he gleaned from his three months in Israel, about the state of the war, the challenges that the Biden administration is posing to Israel’s successful conclusion of the war, not just in Gaza, but vice versa the Iranian regime and its friends and the stunning facts that the United States government is betraying not only the people of the United States who overwhelmingly support Israel but also our vital interests by aligning with those enemies that Israel is. 

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