Secure Freedom Minute: Debating Biden’s Record


Tonight will see the earliest presidential debate in the history of such televised events. The timing raises the suspicion that, if President Biden’s widely documented cognitive disabilities are unmistakably on display, there will still be time for the Democratic Party to engineer a new ticket, replacing both him and his appalling vice president, Kamala Harris.
To be sure, the debate’s arrangements seem designed to prop up Mr. Biden. None of those advantages or, for that matter, the sort of chemical interventions that reportedly made his State of the Union address so odd, may matter if former President Trump calmly and persuasively exposes Biden’s deeply unpopular record.
That means, in particular, illuminating Joe Biden’s devastation of our  country’s economy, energy security, borders, and sovereignty and his submission to China and undermining of Israel – policies that appall most voters, and must be reversed.
This is Frank Gaffney._______
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