President Joe Biden’s Rise to Power

By Tim

In 1978, as a young Senate staffer, I first took an oath of office that said in part, “I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic [and] that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same.” Every official in the federal government, from the President on down, makes such a solemn personal commitment, further swearing to God that they take such an “obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion.”

It sure seems at the moment that a significant number of such officials are breaking this solemn vow – or are poised to do – as they implement policies and executive orders issued by President Joe Biden.

Even before Mr. Biden took office, many in not only federal jobs but state and local ones, who are all bound by similar oaths, have been undermining the Constitution and depriving hundreds of millions of Americans of the inalienable, God-given rights described in our Republic’s other founding document, the Declaration of Independence. The pretext for doing so initially was the Chinese Communist Party virus that, pursuant to one of the President’s burgeoning list of executive orders, federal employees must now refer to as Covid-19.

For example, for nearly a year now, most in this country have not been allowed to assemble freely and peaceably, frequent certain businesses or attend religious services. Our children have largely been unable to attend school in person. And we have been subjected to travel restrictions that have effectively confined many of us to our homes.

The effect has been devastating physically, mentally and economically. Even worse, however, has been the impact on our confidence in our country, its governing institutions and its exceptionalism.

Since November 3rd, however, the damage to our Constitution and people has grown exponentially. Legitimate concerns about the abundant evidence of electoral grand larceny in the presidential race were ignored, demeaned and ultimately “cancelled.” Those who expressed such concerns – including President Trump and others speaking out on behalf of the seventy-plus millions of us who voted for him – have been relentlessly accused by news outlets, social media platforms and partisan opponents of perpetrating a Hitlerian “Big Lie.”

To quote William Shakespeare, “Methink they doth protest too much.” In fact, the longer and more revealing the investigations into electoral fraud, misdeeds and misconduct undertaken despite all efforts to shut them down, the more shrill the critics of such inquiries have become. And the more draconian have been their efforts to silence those intent on presenting the evidence of wrongdoing.

The techniques known as “gaslighting” and imposing “political correctness” have increasingly been utilized to marginalize and suppress not just proponents of free and fair elections, but millions of Trump voters.

Matters took an even more ominous turn with the unauthorized and reprehensible incursion into the U.S. Capitol after a Trump rally near the White House on January 6th. In addition to shutting down the congressional deliberations on the certification of the electoral votes – precluding the only real, official opportunity for a public airing of the evidence of election fraud, all those who listened to the then-President were slandered, accused of “insurrection,” mob violence and even “domestic terrorism.”

This pretext, in turn, has been seized upon to lock down the Capitol complex behind concertina wire, metal fences and 25,000 troops and thousands more police officers – much of this form of martial law continuing in parts of Washington, D.C. to this day. And the vilification of National Guardsmen, police officers and others suspected of supporting President Trump continues to rachet up.

So much so that individuals are being threatened and, in some cases, prosecuted for what has heretofore been considered to be protected speech. Mention election irregularities and you can be charged with incitement and arrested or, in the case of President Trump, impeached for a second time. Those who worked for him are threatened with being unemployable. Those who voted for him are pilloried as white supremacist racists, “Christian insurrectionists” and domestic violent extremists. And purges and arrests are no longer rhetorical threats, but actually in the works.

What’s next: disarming patriots and dispatching them to “reeducation camps” on the basis of a groundless and probably anonymous “see-something-say-something” complaint by a political foe?

Which brings us back to the oaths of office. It is impossible to square a commitment to the Constitution and its Bill of Rights with the heavy-handed efforts to suppress freedoms of speech, religion, assembly and the right to bear arms — and the cornerstone of all of the above: election integrity. We must come together to repudiate such misconduct and to hold those responsible accountable, and not yield to their demands.

The alternative is to allow – or worse yet, to facilitate – the inexorable take-down of our country by Marxists, Sharia-supremacists and other totalitarians. Whether such forces succeed or fail, will depend critically upon whether our Constitution is revered and protected by those who have promised to do just that. That means not only individuals who have just embraced this obligation and now hold high office in the Biden-Harris administration, but Republicans as well who otherwise risk playing the role of what Mao Tse-tung called “the controlled opposition.”

It behooves all of us who love freedom and the Constitution that is a national expression of an enduring commitment to liberty to faithfully protect that document. Especially those of us who have sworn to God to do so.